Why Raising 1Million Millionaires Is Priority than Contesting 2019 Election. By Stephen Akintayo

Why Raising 1Million Millionaires Is Priority than Contesting 2019 Election. By Stephen Akintayo.

I hate Poverty! I hate seeing people being poor and not able to enjoy basic things in life. DR Myles Munroe said The thing that irritates you the most is what you are created to solve. Capacity development is Nigeria’s greatest problem. People with poor mental and Entrepreneurial capacity will steal in Government. Yes! They will loot. Countries that have developed are countries that have produced a lot of Entrepreneurs and Technocrats with exceptional capacity.

For Nigeria to get there we need to empower more people in Business. I want to raise 1Million Millionaire who after they have made it can go and fix Africa and I will be on the ground to lead this team of Millionaire into Politics.

It is no New That I am very Political in My Ideology, the reason because I was born with that genes. My father was secretary of SDP in Maiduguri who won the 1992 election of MKO Abiola and Babagana kingigbe. Our house use to be where they use to cometoshare money. If Abiola had been allowed to rule, I probably would have have been son of a minister or governor today. But all that period gave me some insight to how politics work in Nigeria and till today my father remains a strong APC grassroot leader in Ogun State. But you all know I hate president Buhari Government.

However, the article is not a political one. Next Week, My paper on why I am not contesting 2019 election will be out and be published and from next week, I will be announcing who I will vote for in 2019. Hence, what is this post about? It’s about My vision to raise 1Million Millionaire and to how far I have gone doing that. It is more of rendering my stewardship.

I have been training people for over 13years now. 2015/2016 Took a new turn as I had to travel to over 80Cities in the last 2years and over 200days annually out of Nigeria. Also massive impact in Nigeria. This year we have trained 20,000people physically in Nigeria through different events and I still have some few events to do in December in Nigeria. To God alone be all the Glory. Over 90% of the training this year were FREE. However, My strategy was to used financial empowerment training to raise cash to send kids to schools. Children of widows and Orphans. Last year we sent 1000kids to school and this year we want to do More. December 16th We will be giving 100kids Chequea to pay tuition fees for January. Apply to www.stephenakintayo.com/bursary


However, I am not omnipotent nor omniscience hence I had to write books and produce videos in all the 12businesses I teach. And the videos are even more effective than physical training because you can rewatch and read all over again but once I train you, its once and our brain cannot always remember all things like that. Below are Images of 12businesses I read and Testimony from some of the most successful people in those businesses. If you desire books, visit www.amazon.com and buy but if you desire videos, send an email to info@stephenakintayo.com and you will have the chance to buy the videos.

Warning, the videos are not free and not cheap at all. BECAUSE OF THE VALUE WE GIVE AND THE proceed goes into my 1milliontuition fee project.



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