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I am Stephen Akintayo, Africa’s No1 investment coach and founder of Stephen Akintayo Consulting and Gtext Global.

10 years ago, I started my journey into entrepreneurship with almost zero capital.

Over the years I have ventured into several successful online businesses and I have decided to share with you the secrets to my success in this video bundle.

You will learn 12 profitable online business you can do with little or no capital that can make you a millionaire in less than 6 months.

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12 powerful videos containing step by step instructions on how to start and grow the following  online businesses:

  • Digital Marketing ($1000 value)
  • Affiliate Marketing ($1000 value)
  • Information Marketing ($1000 value)
  • Bulk SMS ($1000 value)
  • Video Monetization ($1000 value)
  • Mini Importation ($1000 value)
  • Freelancing ($1000 value)
  • Ecommerce ($1000 value)
  • Real Estate ($1000 value)
  • Software Vending ($1000 value)
  • Drop Shipping ($1000 value)
  • Cryptocurrency ($1000 value)

Total Value: $12,000

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Take a look at some of the businesses you will learn about...

Digital Marketing

How to promote businesses online  and how to market your services to high income clients.

  • The Different Online marketing platforms
  • How to write content hat makes people buy
  • Facebook ads secret strategies
  • How to sell your services to clients

Affiliate Marketing

How to make thousands of dollars every month by selling other people’s products. You will learn:

  • how to join affiliate networks
  • find and sell hot selling products for up to 50% commission.
  • Secret strategies that make customers buy over and over again.
  • How to send compelling emails
  • How to collect our payments in an currency

Information Marketing

How to turn our knowledge into digital products that you can sell to anyone in the world. It includes:

  • Types of information marketing- book, videos, blog posts, webinars etc
  • Profitable niches and how to target them
  • Free tools for creating content in under 24 hrs
  • How to sell to customers and gain 100% profit
  • How to publish your books on amazon

Bulk SMS

You will learn how to start a bulk sms business.

  • How to get a bulk sms reseller website
  • Profitable niches and how to target them
  • How to market it to clients for maximum profit

Video Monetizaion

You will learn how to create high quality video content and how to generate massive income on youtube.

  • How to create video content.
  • Optimizing your youtube channel for more views
  • Strategies to get ads on your videos
  • Strategies to get ads on your videos

Mini Importation

Mini importation is the business of importing goods at cheap rices and selling it for 5-10 times the profit.You will learn:

  • Introduction to Mini Importation Business.
  • Over 30 Websites you can order your products from.
  • Strategies to get ads on your videos
  • How to get your items delivered to your doorstep
  • How to start the business with zero capital

And much more...

Did you know that...

87 Nigerians are in extreme poverty, the highest in the world- NBS

In 2018, 3.5 million jobs were lost.

You can’t afford to rely on your job or blame the government for your income.

That is why you need to have multiple streams of income


Why do you need multiple streams of income?

1.Early retirement,

2.Comfort – you can afford your own home, car, vacation to anywhere in the world

If you have been living from paycheck to paycheck with no means of consistent cash-flow then these videos are for you.

“Successful people are those that do what their mates are not doing today so they can afford what their mates cannot afford tomorrow” – Stephen Akintayo

Your parents taught you to go to school, get good grades and get a job –

This is the NO 1 reason why most people are poor today.

They have only one source of income.

If you want to be rich, you cannot afford to be like everybody else, you have to do something different.

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