Stephen Akintayo

Thrive, don’t strive.

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The Nigeria we live in today has subconsciously and unconsciously instilled the mindset of poverty, corruption, and waywardness as a way of life. This has been portrayed as the norm and the average Nigerian is configured to lead a life of strive; from hand to mouth. I remember how this was my reality for a very long time, especially, while growing up. I used to wonder how wealth will come into my hands.

In my book, Survival Instinct, I taught expressly how to not just survive in Nigeria but also thrive. I explained the three laws of survival; Law of Imagination, Law of Leverage, and Law of Policy. If one must enjoy the true essence of living, these three laws must be at your fingertips.



The law of imagination states that every man is a living magnet; you attract into your life what you think. Your life can only go as far as your thoughts. Once your thoughts are limited; situations, events, and circumstances all around you will be. The twin brothers who invented the plane imagined what they wanted before bringing it to life. Your imaginations will always correlate with your present situation.

The second is the law of leverage. This is the ability to harness resources available to your network. Understanding that your network is your net-worth is fundamental. You must carefully select those you move around with. Friendship is not by force but by choice, if your friends don’t go the way of your dreams, goal, and future, you probably want to cut them off. There is no middle-ground in terms of friendship.

The final one is the law of policy. In establishing your business, you should understand the required legal frameworks that will ensure you are not a victim of avoidable pitfalls. Ensure that your establishment is within the confines of your societal and environmental policies. When you play this game in accordance with the law, undoubtedly, all odds will be in your favor.

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