Stephen Akintayo

The Life you desire is in a Book

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Power is everything in human space. And there are ways to acquire it. One of the most veritable, time-tested media is through the art of reading books. Time and time again, history has proven that the power derived from deliberate studies consistently produced tremendous results in the growth and development of humanity.

When you see a knowledgeable man, you see a moving library. Some people have grown to become an embodiment of practical knowledge. In the same clime, we have those who are not in line with the former.

Great and exemplary societies are largely a product of acquired knowledge through painstaking research works spanning years. With numerous examples such as the USA, United Arab Emirate, China and so on, it becomes clear that knowledge transforms the world – it is power! Some of the world’s greatest writers are domicile in these countries. Dale Carnegie, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Yiyun Li among the rest are great forces to reckon within the field of practical knowledge. 

The new emerging giants are those from the third world countries where we have the likes of the prestigious Stephen Akintayo, Sam Adeyemi, Chimamanda Adichie, Professor PLO Lumumba, etc. They are taking their countries and continents to a different level, causing a paradigm shift in thinking and work patterns. 

As a progressive mind, it is incumbent on you to follow the trend and be a part of the emerging society. The question is how! The answer is simple – read, read and read more. Don’t stop there, but the acquired knowledge to practice. 

There is a clear cut difference between the man who acquires knowledge and practices and the one who does analyses. Analysis on its own is not an effective tool towards change. A practical approach is what makes the difference. Africa houses a lot of keyboards and vocal experts who hardly put their knowledge to practice for so many reasons ranging from government’s high handedness to personal issues.

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Make it a part of your daily action plan to deliberately work on yourself and perception of things by reading quality books. Books are full of life-transforming knowledge. Join the society changes today. This is the only way to avoid being relegated to the background in the scheme of things. 

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