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My baby molar tooth was removed today. It was a painless process but I can’t believe what the gap this has left in my dentition. Friends are like teeth, some are temporal for your baby years and some are permanent for your adult years. The older you get, the more teeth will come off just as many real friends will die and leave you alone. 

The adult molar, according to my dentist was supposed to have naturally come out if the baby’s molar fell off, however,  it didn’t and this stops the real adult molar from growing. This is the same with friends; If the temporary ones don’t leave your life, the true friends will not come. And you keep company with baby friends who do not understand loyalty and faithfulness.

I was also informed that I might have this gap for the rest of my life. Just because the baby molar didn’t come out, I have to remove it when it’s given me pain. The challenge now is that I will leave the rest of my life without a right molar teeth. It will create a massive gap and discomfort. I was never created to be toothless.

What is the lesson before you get tired of my Tooth Story? 😁😁😊
Never let temporary people occupy your space for long else permanent friends cannot come. The consequences of a baby’s tooth staying long are tooth sensitivity and lack of firm root which can lead to part of the tooth breaking off which can lead to infections and pain. It is the same way with temporary friends; they will keep giving you trouble until you break off with them. The danger when you break off late is that real friends may not be able to replace them at that time and age. Many grow through life lonely and never being able to meet real and genuine friends. Join Me at 4 pm as I share day two of the High-Risk Investment Webinar.

Join now at www.stephenakintayo.com/highrisk don’t come looking at the gap in my dentition😁🤣, rather, face the lecture. I love you and hope to see you in class!

Dr Stephen Akintayo.

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