Rev Sam ADEYEMI Video on Procrastination

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Watch this Rev Sam ADEYEMI Video before reading this piece. Even though the speaker address procrastination in Ministry, My Biggest frustration as a financial empowerment coach is Procastination from many who chat me up daily that they are frustrated with working for someone. ” I want to start My business now” but they never start. The first proof that they are not ready is that, they appreciate every aspect of the conversation except the action part. I hear things like; Mr Stephen I will do it tomorrow, next week and next year. I have even heard some say; My brother inlaw said he doesn’t like you😀😀😀 My answer usually is that; if you are looking for excuse not to do something, you will find plenty. If you don’t like Stephen, why not look for someone else and start same business; the action word here is START.

We all want to be successful but many are not ready to pay the price of success. We just want to plan to and wish to and hope to. When will you DO! Please take the following instruction:

1. Get a sheet of paper and write DO IT NOW, 100 times for the next 30days in order to overcome procrastination.

2. Commit your money into that vision. Where your money is; your heart will be. If its just a deposit. Start small , think big and Grow fast. Do you know how many people want to buy land but will never buy because of the excuse of, I don’t have all the money. If only they start small and spread the payment, by now, they will own acres of land. Pay it NOW. It’s risky yes but loosing is healthy atimes. What if it works? Stop being afraid of loosing money if you have to be rich. By not spending the money, it is not growing but depreciating due to inflation.

3. Get an Accountability partner immediately to help you. You need someone to hold you by the hand and pull you up. No man ever gets to the peak of their career without a mentor and an Accountability partner that help us stay the course of our dreams and aspiration. But don’t be a parasite to anyone.

Bottom line of this short sermon is DO IT NOW! Start that business NOW! Submit that CV NOW! PUBLISH THAT BOOK NOW! START THAT NGO NOW! MARRY THAT LADY NOW; DO THE WEDDING THIS YEAR!😀😀😀


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