Stephen Akintayo

Result: The prove of effective leadership.

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One of the first things to take cognisance of is that personalities differ,  and the understanding of this guides you through your walk with people. As with any concept, idea,  phenomenon or subject, there are various definitions that surround leadership. Many high flying individuals have given their perspectives on what the laws of leadership are. John C. Maxwell, an American Author, Pastor and Speaker who has written several books on Leadership defines a Leader as one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

In the above definition, there are four keywords to take note of: the leader who knows, goes and shows the way. I can, therefore, categorically state that whoever claims to be a leader without possessing these attributes has failed. Having these four will, inevitably, produce results, which I, Stephen Akintayo believes is the final basis of leadership. What exactly is leadership without results? 

Your ability to know where you’re going and take others there must end with one purpose; results. A good example of a result getter is King Saul in the Bible who assisted the tribe that refused to bow to his leadership in defeating their enemies. After helping them, they swore to obey him and they laid down a punishment for whoever refused to do so. This truly, is the law of leadership. Whenever you produce results, people automatically follow your leadership.

Similarly, as a follower in a particular organisation, your primary aim must be getting results. Your value and promotion will be rated by results. Many mistakes employees today make is that they refuse to give a report to their superior on duties given and carried out. This depicts the attribute of lack of accountability, and as a leader, you must not possess this habit. Note this; any job that is done and not reported is considered as undone. 

In order to work effectively on this law of leadership, it is imperative that you invest in your strength. As you consistently do this, your weaknesses will be overshadowed. So feed your strengths, report to your overseers irrespective of the organisation, read books on leadership like that of  Maxwell’s, do away with laziness and make sure that your work speaks for you. Finally, whether you lead from ahead or behind, you need to possess results. It is the only way to actually terminate insults. Go ahead and lead well!

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