POOR Means “Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.”

Mayowa Owolabi met me in 2015 at a training in Protea Hotel. He decided that day to intern with me for some months and today he has 8 subsidiaries, one of which is called, Profit Arcade, and he makes a minimum of N20million monthly. What if Mayowa didn’t take the opportunity to intern with me? Life is a journey of opportunities. Your wealth today is a function of how you chose to maximize the opportunities that came your way. Success gets automatic when you locate someone that has gone through the path you desire and he agrees to lead you through the way.

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people alive with a net worth of more than$87 billion. Buffett is best known as a savvy investor, but his expertise goes beyond the stock market. Buffett advises people to continually learn new things and build relationships to be successful.

A great Man once said, “Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.” –Norman Vincent Peale.

For me, the greatest cause of poverty is lack of zeal for personal development. It takes choosing not to attend trainings and seminars to remain poor. With so much going around in the world, you have no business being poor. You can be broke, it happens to even the richest men; and that means not having money for a while but to remain permanently broke is called “poverty”. Why Am I saying this? I need you to take personal responsibility for your life and I have a very good opportunity for you. It’s called the LAGOS INTERNET BUSINESS MASTERCLASS. It is holding Saturday, 30th June at Protea Hotel, Isaac John, GRA, Ikeja. Time is 4pm

The FEE is 150, 000 Naira, but I have decided to make entrance fee FREE for first 30 people to register NOW.

You will learn “How to Make Money From Information Marketing”, and from “Forex”. Part of what I will share with you will be how I made 100,000usd (36 Million) last year from this business and how I am the author of 33 books and making money daily from it. While Mayowa Owolabi will teach on how his student turned 78usd to 1000usd trading forex in 1month.

Text your name, e-mail, and phone number to 08188111999 to register for FREE.

Stephen Akintayo.
(Africa’s Most Sought After Personal Finance Coach)

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