Baby SAPPHIRE is Born.

While at home planing Our First Daughter’s naming ceremony by 5pm today, I stumbled on a statement credited to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and i am super impress even though and not his fan;
” I set my goals and objectives in accordance with my vision. I study them and strategically execute them. My detractors discuss my successes and failures because they have nothing to execute. I am in the news more because I’m working, Nigerians discuss active men in the field. Mentioning any negative news about me will double the wealth of any news media that published it. My name today is a financial market for journalist. Not even elected politicians get the publicity I am enjoying. My comrades , go and work till mentioning your name becomes a source of increased wealth for someone. Even my weakness create wealth for vendor”.


This is the irony of Life, Only the impactful is discussed negatively or positively. Forget those who are trying to pull you down, they are highly insignificant. You matter! that’s why you are being discussed. Our Company Director in abuja had to send home two staff and share how sad he felt doing so but the reality is that leadership is about making tough decisions and many of whom, those who don’t have your perspective will judge you negatively as they deem fit but be rest assure that if God is your rock and you do things with pure conscious, you will keep flying and they will keep talking.People often mistake an event for failure. Tinubu was virtually left in pieces 2003 as he was the only AD Governor left standing. It was a matter of time before Obasanjo and PDP realize that they won the battle but not the War.

Only serial failure mock others when it seemingly looks like they have fallen. Failure is an opportunity to begin again more excellently because adult don’t cry when they fail, they retrieve silently and re-strategize. Few lesson note;

1)Only highflyers make headline news, positive or negative.
2)No matter how hard you try, you will have mockery seasons and those season are your opportunity to fly higher than all your mockers if your have the right perspective.
3)You are Not God! You are not Jesus. Jesus didn’t try to be nice all the time. Quit trying to be Mr Nice guy if you want to make impact, Rather strive to be Mr Result. Because, result always terminates insult.
4)Don’t call a temporary setback a failure, rather call it a milestone.
What’s my business self with politics? let me get back to my daughters naming ooo Jare. But hope the lessons are learnt by we the observers. Enjoy the Night rest.



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