Stephen Akintayo

My Thought On Bishop Oyedepo’s Preaching

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Watch this Video till the End before you comment and Only Decent language on My Wall, please!!!!

What is Wrong with this Message for Christ sake? A Man for long, has not visited the hospital in almost 40years since he believes in the Message of Divine Health, what do you think the church is to such a person? His Ministry has recorded over 40 Testimonies of people who claim to have been the health of Corona Virus from his Message of Jesus the Healer. what do you think such a person think the church is? Is Bishop Oyedepo not entitled to speak his strong conviction again? wherein this message did he claim that he will open his church against Government order? @elonrmusk is opening his factory this week against the council. but @davidoyedepo in his statement Never said he will do such!

for me, I see end time. Matthew 24 said it in the last days, The love of many shall vax Cold. many do not know they are an agent of the devil. many do not know the spirit of Anti-Christ is Operating in Them.

Why this sudden hate for Pastors and Church? didn’t we have fake pastor and prophets since the time of David? why didn’t those people attach pastors and prophets together because somewhere fake? why this sudden hatred for giving to God? isn’t giving a free-will decision since inception? you give, it’s your choice, you don’t, it’s your choice! Why?

Where in this message did he mention Someone will die? where did he mention Buhari? didn’t he say, this is a global plan by the devil and the people he is using are not even aware? All I can say is simple; This is the End of Days, Jesus has said this will happen and guess what? It is just the beginning of the attack. May Nigeria Story not be worst than Turkey. Turkey used to be 100% Christian, now more – it’s 90% Islam.

My fear is, Nigeria May end up being dominated by those who don’t believe in God. It would have been better being islamize but this move will consume out faith on God, Christian or Muslim. Mark my word today.”This is bigger than fake pastor or prophet, It’s a demonic movement to turn the heart of the people against God” Mark My word today, that’s the journey we just started.

God help us all!!!

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