Minnesota based Mom Making 2000 To 5000USD Monthly From Ecommerce

Mother Of Twins Making 2000 to 5000usd Monthly In Minnesota from E-commerce After Watching Stephen Akintayo Video.

Minnesota was an awesome trip for me but the high point for me was Meeting Mrs. Ige Mother of 18Month old adorable Twins who watched my e-commerce video and said to herself; ” because of my twins I can’t work at the moment but I have internet and electricity is in abundance like Mr. Stephen said in his video, why are those of us in diaspora not making money online ” . That’s how she took steps and visited some online store and to some top physical stores in Minnesota. She Buys their major deals of 80% to 95% off the normal price. And she opened her eBay store and her own e-commerce store and started selling those shoes, bags, and clothes she got at a discounted price. That’s how money started rolling in for her even though she’s a stay at home mum of two. Her story moved me because She has many excuses why she shouldn’t have started that business. The two of us were really excited to meet because her mother In-law was the one who told her one Stephen Akintayo is in town and she said the same one that teaches internet businesses on Facebook? She told her mother In-law; “I must meet him and thank him for changing my life and finances with his videos”. Taking care of twins in America is not child’s play but she combines that with Her business and pocket in a lot monthly than those doing 20dollars or 40dollars an hour job. She earned my respect.

I had to ask her what her profit margin is and was surprised when she said; ” 80% above on an average. That she is even surprised they buy her fashion wares on eBay. I was so happy meeting her for the first time at the Winners Chapel International Minnesota Picnic. My encouragement to everyone reading this; Your financial change of story is in your hands. If you say; ” I Can” You are Right if you say; ” I Cannot” You are right. Your life success has always been in your hands. The day you stop looking for who to blame and face reality that; You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life.

People Meet me daily; some see My teaching as getting Rich quick and they never see the money. Some see it as, if only I buy his video or coaching, I don’t need to do anything on my own, I will make money automatically. Such people are delusional because mentorship is 50/50. Your mentor guide you but you have to walk the walk. Some, on the other hand, choose to remain to doubt Thomas for life and they are very right to doubt but remember, your success has always been in your hands. I have met some who still think this whole Internet thing is fraud and 419 ( that’s the best word from an average Nigeria. Everything is 419. Even poor customer care service is also 419 to an average Nigerian 😀)

What I know is this; I have met poor people who never lose 1dollar before and remain poor but I have never come across a rich man who has not lost some money before. Losing money is normal to entrepreneurship as its a proof that you are willing to take the risk. It is risky not to take risk in life. If you are not failing once in a while, it’s a sign that you are not living to your full potentials. I have done almost 20 busineses that didnt work but I kept at it till i made it in some. And even till these day I still loose money occasionally in business. 2015 was when I first made 100Million in Bulk SMS but same year I lost 20Million in Bulk SMS. 10Million to DND and 10Million to hackers but didnt stop me from continuing in the business. We are even about to rebrand and launch a new software. I only share the bad story after I have overcome the challenge. Poor people do what is Easy( Never Taking Risk because of fear) that’s why their life is Hard. Rich people do what is Hard and that’s why their life is Easy. What you do determine how high you fly.

If you are in Dallas area, join me this evening for a hangout at Sheraton Suites, Market Centre Dallas as we discuss investment and business options for you. 5pm today.

You have all it takes to move from where you are to where you want to be. But will you please, believe in yourself that it is possible to succeed financially if you play your part. Finally, Luck begins at the end of your comfort zone. Leave your comfort zone NOW!

Happy Sunday. I love you and I pray that this year will not end until you break forth financially to a new realm in Jesus name. God bless you!

Stephen Akintayo.

Africa Most Sought After Personal Finance Coach and Realtor.

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