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Mind Shift

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Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer speaks explicitly on the conflicts that take place in man’s heart. It tells much about the magnitude of troubles an average man faces in the mental realm. She defines the mind as the forerunner of all actions. Taking a slight look into her journey, one can easily tell that her life’s experience has not really been a bed of roses. 

My surname was poverty. Hunger was my biggest challenge. I spent the first twelve years of my life living in the forest of Maiduguri (along Danboa road). The living conditions were so bad that I slept on a mattress for the first time at the age of 13. As a result of the family’s struggles, my primary school education was spotty.

Things got better in secondary school, though my mum had to borrow money each term to pay my school fees. My future looked very bleak. At 16, I read my first business book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and that propelled me to my achievements. 

Similarly, I do not think anyone has had it all easy. Everyone at one point in time or the other must have experienced a harsh level of difficulty, whether financially, academically, emotionally or health wise and this, undoubtedly, must have been a limiting factor in the journey of life. All these limitations begin with the mind. 


Someone once said that you are not poor until you agree that you are. The mind is a powerful tool that drives our very existence. Even the bible speaks on the importance of the mind. In Proverbs 23:7, it is said that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. This statement has no iota of lie in it as it tells that your mind speaks well of your present and future reality.

Consequently, having a negative mindset leads to having a negative life. What you think is what you become. Do you know that what you see and hear sinks into your subconscious and with time you begin to replicate it?

Therefore, being mindful of what you consume from time to time must be taken paramountly. In order to have a mind shift, you must take certain conscious steps like reading the right books, watching the right videos, conversing with the right people, etc. All these succour how your mind will be positioned.

“Books are an expression of the experiences the Authors have faced earlier in their lives” – Providence Wright


You cannot become that which you earnestly desire without first seeing it in your mind. You need to understand that your life is worth more than your present condition. The truth is that, if you focus on the pain, you will lose the imminent gain. You must also have the humility required to unlearn, learn and relearn. Finally, like the game of chess in which you use all the other players to protect the king,  you must guard your heart with all diligence; with all of your might! I encourage you to read the story of Joyce Meyer, it will help you understand the essence of mind shift. 

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