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Managing Your Time Effectively

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Time is a gift that has been given to all men. The moment you are born, your time on the face of the earth starts to tick. People have argued that the sharing of time, either by God or by nature, according to beliefs, wasn’t given equally. Irrespective of where you stand, you need to know and come to the realization that your time here is limited and anything limited must be used judiciously. A few tips on the proper management of your time will be stated in preceding paragraphs and it will do you good to stick to these principles as they will help you.

Whether for individual purpose, family purpose, or managerial purpose, time management is a skill that must be imbibed and cultivated. Time management is the process and pattern of saving, utilizing, organizing, and having control over your daily or periodical activities. Prioritization is one of the major attributes of a time manager and involves arranging all your laid down tasks in order of urgency and importance. There are some tasks that are important but do not require urgency. Knowing this will help you manage your time more effectively by putting that which is of gravity to you. 

Furthermore, discipline plays a major role in time management. I remember a colleague of mine who loved using the Instagram app. And as we all should know, this app is very captivating and can be very addictive. He could spend as much as four hours using this application. The funny thing is that most times he does not intend to spend as much time there but lack of discipline will not make him leave. I advised him to delete the app. After he heeded this advice, he started meeting up with deadlines because he had done away with his distractions.

Goal setting is another principled method to manage your time. Do not leave your house in the morning without setting what you want to do. It saves you the stress of asking yourself again and again ‘What am I doing today?’ ‘What else is left to do’ ‘What did I achieve today?’ It also applies on a monthly and yearly basis. It helps measure progress marginally.

Consequently, the refusal to inculcate these attributes as stated above will leave you frustrated and complaining about time not being enough. You find yourself failing to manage your time effectively, missing deadlines, having poor quality, and incessant stress patterns. Also, you must understand your person. Creative people, usually, are free-minded and need occasional breaks to perform well in their tasks while others prefer to work for three hours straight. Wherever you fall, understand that your time is precious and any of it lost cannot be recovered.

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