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Why Do Nigerians Hate The Truth?

When I said the Nigerian Government shouldn’t do copy and paste, Nigerians on Facebook thought it was about me.

Real Nigerians are not those on Facebook! Majority of Nigerians make money daily.

NURTW, Market women, Vulcanizers, Hawkers, etc. What will they feed on? Those in Ajegunle how do they observe social distancing?

When you saw us donate 1 million naira worth of food Items, did you see anyone in Ajegunle observe social distancing?

2 weeks gone, crime has increased greatly! Guess what? I and My family can never be victims of the consequences of copy and paste strategy, I was only concerned about the masses on the street. It doesn’t make sense! 

No effective distribution of palliative, are you surprised? We knew from day one that the model wouldn’t work in Nigeria.

No release of funds to companies to be able to pay salaries to staff. When you were speaking “oyinbo”, you didn’t know that your salary and job security will be affected.

Am I against lockdown? No!

I am ready for 6 months lockdown since I returned to Nigeria on the 16th of March, 2020.

So, what’s my argument?

1) Strategic effective food distribution, palliative, security before shutting everything down fully.
Let the lockdown be a gradual process.

2)Set up a task force to prevent price manipulations of food items and essentials.

3)Mobilize communities to protect themselves through community policing.

4)Engage Nigerians from LGA to the state level and then federal.
In some countries, the Mayor receives phone calls from citizens so as to be able to know the real issues on the ground.
The LGA has not been mobilized in this whole lockdown project.

5)Increase testing! How can you have just 9 testing locations in a country of 200 million people and just lock the country down?
Do you know, Nigeria is just about to start 1500 testing daily?

6) Find local solutions, we have herbs! I have received calls from many Nigerians in the diaspora who tested positive to COVID-19 and got the negative result after 1 week of using herbs.
When we have effective local solutions, why wait for the white man medicine before we get a cure when we already have many? 

Guess who I blame?

Nigerian Elite AKA Facebook warriors! When many countries were asking their leaders for real solutions to handle the lockdown, Nigerians were busy checking Funke Akindele parlor party on social media.

We wasted that time discussing inconsequential issues instead of perfecting local security arrangements in our areas.

I feel our leaders are a reflection of we the people.

When the citizens don’t think deep, they can’t have deep thinking leaders.

When we choose to slide into a stranger’s direct message to beg for money instead of holding politicians accountable, these are the issues we face.

All I can pray for is the mercy of God! Since we have refused to ask questions, hold leaders accountable, we will all dance to the music.

Those of you who abuse me of hating Buhari, are you not also facing the same insecurity too?

If you had to face the truth and tell your beloved leader the truth, because you voted for him, he is bound to listen to you.

But when you feel, you can’t correct those you voted for, why did you vote for them? 

Lord have mercy on Nigeria and give our citizens the courage to hold our leaders accountable.

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