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Stephen Akintayo

Today makes it the 24th day I return to Nigeria from the UK. God kept me safe in 2020 from Corona Virus and I have come to give God a public testimony.

This year 2020, I have been to Italy, USA, Germany, with the most recent trip to the UK all in this year alone and God kept saving me from Corona Virus.

However, I learned serious lessons this season;

1) Fear Is More Powerful Than Facts! Fear is more sellable than hope!

A scripture that explains what fear is making us do is

Matthew 24:10 KJV

And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

I have seen people allow fear of corona become hate for human. We must not forget to love our people because they may have or not have a virus.

We should all stay safe at home but don’t allow fear to win!

2) Our ultimate help is in God!

Wake Up! Medical science has failed in the Corona Virus. Don’t forget that! If science was ahead, the cure would have been found.

The world got arrogant with the advancement in science. This is the first time in over 100 years that we will have this scientific helplessness with a virus.

It means; He that dwelleth in the secret place of the highest shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty( Psalms 91:1 KJV).

To have been to all these cities and not have the virus, and no family members contact it could have only been God. It shows, if we trust him, he will save us.

3)Be flexible! Boost your immune system! Use herbs!

I spoke to two people who had corona, one in the US and another in Uk who are Nigerians in the diaspora, they tested positive and use African herbs and have become negative.

If you have this virus or don’t have it, just boost your immune system.

Vitamins, fruits, eating well and use immune-boosting herbs!

Everything must not be foreign. We have local African solutions.

4) Don’t go broke!

This is the worst time to go broke! Basket of tomatoes that was 3000 in 3rd week in March is now 17,000 first week of April.

Find a way to make money from home, on the internet.

Inflation is going to be at the highest globally. It’s the wrong season to go broke and hungry!

In Conclusion, let us all rely on God!

Tough Time Never Last, Tough People Do!

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