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Is Your Bank Account CoronaVirus Ready?

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Coronavirus has fast become the report card on your preparedness for the digital and paperless age!

Many mocked me when I focused on teaching people about building wealth on the internet. Many motivational speakers felt it wasn’t polished enough.

No rhythms when teaching practicality of online business. It is not motivational enough!

CoronaVirus has proven who is right or wrong! All our businesses are Digital! We are able to transact without physical contact including those buying land from us.

We give God all the glory! After reviewing things in the last two weeks, we are in for a long time of not more than 2 to 3 months as even when restrictions are lifted it will take months for things to get back to normal again.


1) How do you pay your bills?

2) How do you feed your families?

3)What happens to the job that will not be waiting for you after the coronavirus?
USA already has 3 million job loss and there is a projection of 10 to 15 million before it ends.

The USA was the world’s best economy before the coronavirus. What happens to other economies that were already struggling before the virus?

4) Some jobs will be wiped out as the world will discover certain job skills are not needed anymore.
Corona Virus will advance robotic technology as robots don’t die of diseases and this will still lead to more job loss.

5) Some businesses that have been closed this season might never open again. 

What Is The Solution?

Online Businesses and Online Jobs are the solutions right now!
I will be running a Global online webinar with a global perspective on the teachings of the opportunities available.

Recharge and Bill Payment Business

This is one of the biggest business opportunities during this CoronaVirus lockdown.
From your website, people can buy airtime, data, pay PHCN Bills, Pay Cable Network bills, send bulk messages to all customers, etc. A to Z of how to do the business webinar hold tomorrow Monday.

Register now; 

  • Recharge and Bill Payment Business
  • Speakers and Authors

All my books are online! Hence I don’t rely on the supermarket to get weekly cheques from books I have written.
34 books actually and I will be writing more during this season of the coronavirus. 

  • Mini Importation (E-commerce)

Our e-commerce site:  www.ginido.com has started delivering groceries to homes. I was shocked that the tomato basket we sold for 7500 last Friday has increased to 12,000naira in the market.
The webinar opens you up to e-commerce business. The good news is that from purchase to delivery doesn’t involve your physical contact. Even the logistics can be outsourced. 

Real Estate Global Masterclass:


The biggest cash cow! I was shocked at the pressure to buy property by Nigerians in the diaspora.

The hotel business is almost dead, people need rent, people need Airbnb people to want to buy land.

Someone chatted me up from Italy. He said I want to buy property from you, I never knew a day like this would come. He said; if I die, am told they don’t have land to bury me. I don’t want to be burnt. 
More request to become a property broker has been pouring in as everyone is seeing why you need your own property.

A lady chatted me yesterday saying, can I invest 20 to 50million to do small estate. I have this money and never though of huge investment like this until I started listening to you.

Register above and we will have a great time preparing you for this season.

For inquiries call: +234 818 000 0618
Email: info@stephenakintayo.com

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