If Buhari Offer Me Political Appointment, Do you think I should accept?

If Buhari Offer Me political appointment in his administration,Do you Think I should accept?knowing that I didn’t support his election bid. Best 3 comment get 1000Naira recharge charge Each.

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  1. To answer your question, I think you should accept it. Did you beg for the appointment?When you fully supported GEJ, did you do that for you to be rewarded with appointment? I remember you were even picked up by some men then all for selling out email add to your client who consequently supported Buhari. You did all in your capacity to support GEJ and that exactly what freedom of expression is.Freedom of speech included,so Pastor the choice either to accept or not the appointment is still left to you,I used the word ‘think’ while responding to your question.Thanks.

  2. I suggest you do. This is a chance to impact the nation. The truth is you can’t forget what you’ve seen and where you’re coming from. We need people that’d help open doors for entrepreneurs that’d sustain our economy.

    I’d say go for it!

  3. SMILING SIR*****

    Why should an opposition accept Buhari’s political appointment???

    No 1 = Sir, you do not believe in his agenda how will you augur good in his administration

    NO 2 = They say opposition is literally someone walking in the opposite direction…..at what point did your agenda/views meet/parallel***UNTIL you give me these answers then YOU MAY ACCEPT THE OFFER.


  4. If the president sees your potential and decide to give u appointment. There is nothing wrong it. I welcome it.

  5. Well I believe that voting for or against an individual in an election is not a perogative for accepting or refusing a political appointment. I humbly believe that if by virtue of your credentials or otherwise, you are appointed a minister lets say in charge of social media activities, I would gladly advice you accept it as an opportunity to help the president in the fulfillment of his goals and aspirations for a better Nigeria.

  6. If PMB shld approach u 4 an appiontment it means he sees a great potential in you as one who is bringing alot of ideas as a young, talented &ambitious man. PMB sees u as a change agent, one stands 4 d truth no mata wot based on some of ur post. I will advice dat u accept d offer & prove 2 d Oldies dat d youth have come of age to contribute 2 d growth of d economy.

  7. Your message..Awe Abiodun Abisoye
    y not,if u have an idea dat can make Nigeria a better
    place for all,y not!! he will appoint u on terms and
    conditions,pastor akintayo is loaded,so he will be

  8. I don’t think there is any need to accept. One of the reason i think is you are an employer of labour. There is no amount Buhari will pay you that will worth your present monthly income.

  9. I think you should gladly accept the offer if you know you have what it takes and and it will also give you the opportunity to contribute your own quota in the appointment to the development and growth of the country (Nigeria), to the benefit and betterment of every Nigerians as Buhari is now the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  10. In my own opinion, I think you should accept his offer. But never change your reason for not support his election bid. Prove it to him that you’re not his enemy nether been deceived with the word CHANGE.

  11. You should accept it because I know your reason for not voting for him is because he is not a Christian, and the Bible says if the way of a man please the Lord, he will make his enemies be at peace with him, and the heart of a king is also in the heart of God, so it’s a divine appointment from God to bless u through President Buhari

  12. Is it political affiliations that matters most to you or the greater good of the Nigerian populace? As long as you know you have something to offer within the armpits of your conscience then you take it up.

  13. Of course, you should accept it. It is an opportunity for you to contribute your quota to the development of our dear country. The fact that ,you didn’t support his candidature does mean you are his enemy. I strongly believe everyone has a right to support and vote for his best idea political candidate without any intimidation and besides this is an era of democracy. Sir, I have been privileged to listen to you in one of your seminars ; all I can say about you is simple: You are a visionary leader. I confidence Nigerians will be happy to have people like you on board. Bravo!

  14. Accepting the appointment is like being given an open cheque…as long as you did not beg for it, you are good to go…accept the offer and like the scriptures put it ‘stand before great men’ means your gift & talent was what made you outshine others. That you never supported the APC campaign is a foregone issue, face the present…go for GOLD

  15. Accept, but know the son of whom you’re. Remember Daniel, he never rejected such opportunity. But he knew whom he was

  16. Buhari will be appointing qualified persons,technocrats without consideration of party affiliation. Your Acceptance will be dependent on if you want to play a much bigger role in the socio-economic development of this country.

  17. I will dont accept it sir, not because you did not support his election bid, but because of the one million and one Nigerian youths God is using you to empower. Because as soon as accept the offer, your focus will be shifted and many of these might miss the way again.
    And dont forget this is your main purpose of living.
    God bless you sir

  18. I will say dont accept it sir, not because you did not support his political ambition but because there are one million and one Nigerians that God is using u to affect their lives positively and to take them to their destinations in life but if you accept the offer, most of these Nigerians will loose their focus and many will waste away because your focus will be shifted towards your new political position.
    Dont forget that what your are doing now is your purpose of living. God bless u sir

  19. Yes you should accept it because the appointment was given to you because you will deliver your quota to the government . Nigeria is not a one party Nation but for all without any party thinking of owing the country. The appointment was given to you because you are fit for the job. for example the former minister of agriculture Mr Adesina under Goodluck was also supported by buhari to win the AFDB President Election.

  20. I’m not commenting because there’s a reward but because I know u should. Its Nigeria dats offering you a chance to serve your fatherland (don’t forget the national pledge & anthem). You are serving Nigeria & Nigerians, not Buhari. Even the First lady has said dat repeatedly. The only reason why u should reject d offer is if u are corrupt or intend to be, which I can vouch dat u are not. Also if u will not deliver on d job & make a positive landmark difference. I will commend Buhari if he does. We’ill sweep corruption out of our shores one step at a time. It begins with us(individuals).

  21. Buhari may not have noticed you as a person. They are things that speaks for men; integrity and legacy. Every appointment passes through suggestions, recommendations and personal knowledge of the person on the limelight. Your work is speaking for you pastor as well as your personality. Great leaders make use of the best even though they didn’t vote for him.

  22. Yes, you have to accept it because the President is not ruling the affairs of APC but the affairs of Nigerians. And if he appointed you, that means you deserved the position or the post base on merit not base on sentiments.

  23. If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. What did you stand for during the election bid? Why has your stance changed? Is it because of financial benefit or review of your ideology. As a matter of honour, do not accept.

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  25. Since you did not surport him during the election and he has won
    now he is the president of Nigeria and he also appointment you have to accpet it and serve nigeria very well

  26. Since you did not surport him during the election and he has won
    now he is the president of Nigeria and he also appointment you have to accpet it and serve nigeria very well
    but you must serve nigeria not Buhari

  27. well let me say sir, Since he personally gave you this appointment.Rejecting it won’t be advice because there is always a reason behind everything. He trust you that is why he is giving that to u. He believed you are a man of integrity cos integrity is what you do,what you say and what you say you do. So sir I think giving u an appointment really means u deserve it reject it and always have that spirit of exceptionality.

  28. It’s not about political party,it’s all about change,it’s not also about Buhari,it’s about the interest of the people (Nigeria).If Buhari offers you appointment and you have good interest for the people you are to represent,accept it inorder to help bring nigeria to a greater height but if you feel you are from the opposition party of which i am too and you want a change pls do accept and offer the best you would have if it were the person you supported that appointed you.

  29. for buhari to appoint u as his minister dat means u merit and he has seen leadership potentiality in u. whether u voted for him or not hr has said on his inauguration day dat he belongs to everybody and he belongs to nobody . in dat note I will conclude by saying u should accept it if he offers u ministerial post.

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