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I got here by learning

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If you want to do a business or invest in something and you’re not interested in learning the intricacies of the business or investment, only interested in what you will gain in returns, you have set yourself up for two things: luck or failure. And the luck may never come.

I always laugh at people who are only interested in returns and neglect knowledge.

Shouldn’t your interest be on both protecting and increasing your hard earned money, especially in high risk businesses like Forex and Cryptocurrency?

I want you to judge for yourself, tell me one person who invested in learning a business so well who later failed in it. Or show me someone who is doing so well in a business without training, mentorship or adequate knowledge.

Even those who hire the services of other people, do you not know that they only take those with high level of expertise, something that comes from knowledge and experience?

Do you think it’s a lie or cliche that knowledge is power? Why do you want to set yourself up for uncertainty?

I see a lot of messages, some will say they want to invest but they are not ready for mentorship. Who did you learn that from?

Wake up guys! Wake up. Only those with knowledge will thrive in this world.

One of the habits espounded in my Billionaire Habits book is that billionaires invest first in the knowledge of a business or investment, before doing the real business or investment. It’s something I did and still do.

Look around you, you won’t find any billionaire who did the opposite. It’s a law, it can’t be broken, except you don’t want to scale up.

Why do you think you can get what people got through knowledge, why do you expect to get it through ignorance? Isn’t that ridiculous?

I will continue to say it, wisdom is profitable to direct. It’s wisdom to get knowledge first.

In my company we have a rule. Work more on yourself than you do on your job. We priotize self development than anything, including profits.

We know that the better you become, the better what comes out of you will be. So, if we train you to become a better sales person, automatically your input in sales will increase and the company will have more funds to expand and serve its customers well.

That’s just simple wisdom.

But if you don’t want to take this certain route to success and wealth, you can go ahead with the other route, let’s see where you will end up.

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I love you still.

Dr Stephen Akintayo

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