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How have you been able to manage your 2019 so far? It’s important to know this as 2020 is a fast-moving year.

This is a year to grab every opportunity you can.

In order to take the right step further in your career or businesses, you’ll need a mentor to steer and shape your vision, passion and goals.

How can mentorship be the overlooked secret, you might ponder. Often times, the success we seek is not quite far fetched as our imagination.


A mentor is usually someone who counsel or guides you and however has the ability to influence you in your career or lifestyle.

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The journey towards finding a mentor requires you to have direction. 

It’s important that you figure out where and how you could fit in, in any industry or organisation and what value you can add. 

A decision on what career path you are intrested in will help you filter who has the capacity to be your mentor.


Ask yourself: What makes an effective mentoring relationship? These days the more reason for how people are able to succeed is through an effective relationship with their mentor.

This idea may not be popular today, however, an effective relationship with your mentor involves good followership. Having the right mentor can help broaden your social network.

Getting a mentor definitely requires you moving out of your social circle, going for conferences or book launchings.

Step out of your comfort zone and interact!


Have you ever thought of what career mentors look for? They are in search of proactive mentees, who are very hardworking and willing to do more.

Been proactive spurs you into greatness, and it shows your willingness and seriousness to the career path that you’ve chosen.

Mentors are interested in mentees who are goal-driven, result driven and don’t take chances of given excuse to execute a task or project.

The bitter truth is that you cannot attract what you don’t have.


 Once you find a mentor irrespective of the career path you have chosen, it’s important to build a solid relationship by adding value to your mentor.

 Think about ways you can offer help or assistant to your mentor as well, remember that your mentors time are always valuable to them and never take any of that chance for granted.

Find a way of providing solutions to their needs and see how strong the relationship grows organically.


For you to keep a mentor in your niche or area of specialization who had made success in his/her career is by accepting their feedback on your failures.

 Feedbacks could be hard to accept, trust me. But it’s of a good cause if it improves you over time.

Eventually, you’ll end up being open to feedback and use it to grow and invest in yourself.

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