How President Jonathan Sent SSS to arrest Me On Buhari’s Campaign by Stephen Akintayo

It was a beautiful afternoon at about 3:10pm on Tuesday,17th March while teaching my students on How to become a Digital Marketing Consultant, a man walked into the reception after my secretary informed him to wait till I finish my training before he could see me.He rushed to the ground where the training was being held and showed his ID card saying he was here to arrest me.I asked for his warrant and he immediately ordered his men & women who were heavy looking with their heavy guns and said; I am from the presidency and operating by the president’s order,how dear you ask me for warrant, ordering that I be physically assaulted and I told them not to dare that and followed them.

Getting to their office a young man was asked to come and he claimed he bought our database.The SSS officer latter told me these men had been locked up for the past 5 days. He didn’t tell me why but my investigation shows that this client bought our database for Buhari Campaign Organization and pushed over 3 million emails that went viral and helped the Buhari chance at this coming polls.

Was It constitutional wrong to send Viral Political campaign content?

No! Nigeria at the moment doesn’t have any spam law.Also, these database was acquired from a business partner whose clients subscribed for newsletters and we have the resellers rights.

Am I Campaigning for Buhari?

No! But I am CEO of a company that runs digital marketing for cooperate organizations,churches,NGOs and political parties.I am not a member of any party and my company renders professional services for various political parties.And one of my biggest clients is the President himself. But we render services for whoever ask for our service.

Another friend who has a bulk sms website had security men raid his home and took his wife into custody and latter released her because they didn’t see him and the allegation is the same APC members used his bulk sms site to send campaign sms. Digital Marketing is a legal industry worldwide and businesses have the right to offer their services to whoever pays for the service as long as the content is not inciting .Early that morning before the arrest some of my staff were called by SSS claiming to be from APC trying to find out who they want to vote for,all in an effort to know if they want to vote for APC or not.When has APC become a terrorist group that SSS should be asking Nigerian citizens to tell them if they want to vote them or not?Every Nigerian has the right to vote whoever they want to vote for.This was the same issue I was blaming pro Buhari for on social media that they are bullying people on social media and that it is wrong to bully anyone for choosing to vote for one candidate or the other.We must protect the digital marketing industry from politicians who want to destroy this industry in its infancy. Politicians are not even our main clients, but businesses who are dying daily as a result of harsh economic environment and not able to market as conventional marketing is more expensive.We have helped thousands of businesses particularly SMEs who have survived due to our digital marketing consultations ,services and trainings.

Am I Pro Jonathan?

Hitherto, I have been a pro Jonathan and have written series of articles against Buhari but for the first time,I am disappointed and considering my decision as everyone around me are now anti Jonathan because of what happened. When you throw stones be careful where you throw it to as it may hit one of your own.Without personally collecting a dime nor have I met him,I have single handed lay campaign for him on Social Media and various forums I am privileged to speak at.

I have refused to attend Buhari nor Jonathan’s event but follow on air keenly so as not to be seen to be partisan, but that my personal opinion for conversing for Jonathan was of a pure conscience.I have severally stated that this is a personal opinion and not that of any of the companies I founded.

Few Question I have for Jonathan and his team?

1)Why must I be harassed by the same system I am campaigning for?

2)Why should anyone be arrested for doing email campaign for Buhari. If the campaign was for Dr Goodluck, would there have been any arrest?

3)Show me anywhere in the Nigerian constitution where it is wrong to send such bulk Mail?

4)If you had wanted to arrest anyone why not arrest the leaders of the political parties instead of arresting innocent young men who are working hard in a country where there is no job?

The Youths

President Goodluck has stated severally that he stands for young people and want to protect and defend their future. If that is true,why should some two young boys in their early twenties be illegally arrested by the SSS for 5 days without bail or being charged to court? I have publicly shared on national televisions that young people should maximize the business opportunities in this elections and provide services for politicians than to turn to a thug and cause violence. This is the time for youths to be on the Table and not on the Menu.

My Personal Opinion

It is a huge disappointment that a Parastatal can call itself SSS and will come to arrest a loyal citizen without even googling his name so as to do facial identification.What kind of gross incompetence is that? If SSS had done its investigation well, they would have known am not anti Jonathan and will not waste state property to come and arrest me as if I was a terrorist. Also, a simple invite was all they needed to do and hear my part of the story and not to cause a scene and even seizing the phone of one of my students’ that videoed the incident for evidence.

To the president I want to advice that this is not the time to arrest oppositions or those working for them. No! not even ordinary citizens going about their daily bread with no single criminal incidents. Law abiding citizens are being arrested day and night because they are perceived to be working for APC. I think Jonathan should look inward, a lot of people who claim to be his friends are wolves in sheep clothes deceiving the president. Now that you have illegally harassed me, do you still expect me to canverse for votes for you in this general elections? We must all build a Nigeria of our dreams where no one will be unjustly treated and subjugated to ill treatment. We don’t need political prisoners. We need a great nation where law and order will take effect without any compliment. Equity and justice be done no matter who you are.

If not for my Lawyer and position in the society, is that the way I would have been illegally detained for 5 days for no just cause? This is a huge shame and slap to the Jonathan’s Government. I am terribly disappointed. While I am still widely consulting whether I will use the remaining 9 days to this election to actively campaign against Jonathan I will like my loved ones to know that my decision will be above sentiments but personal conviction of what will benefit Nigerians as a whole and not my personal interest.

I want to thank all my loved ones who stood by me and made sacrifices for my speedy release. I am grateful to all those who called all their “ogas at the top” for me without even asking anyone to do so. God bless you. My staff are amongst the team who took charge of business and didn’t even need a single family member’s presence before it was all resolved. Indeed you are an example of the kind of Nigerian enterprise Spirit we preach about.

I wish to say that this is my personal opinion and hope SSS will not come after me again for saying my mind, after all we are all praising president Goodluck for signing freedom of information bill. You can’t slap me and still expect me to keep quite. Well If they come after me again, you know what to do.

How can a ruling party be behaving as the opposition? As a Digital Marketing Consultant who has helped many businesses get better results online, I have told Jonathan’s Campaign team to get better hands to manage their social media archives and digital campaigns. The things Jonathan should have been doing is what APC is doing in campaigns. Email Marketing is one of the bests strategy Obama used to become American’s first black president. How can you be surrounding yourself with  mediocres and not wake up to get the best hands. In my office,I often tell my staff,if I am more intelligent than you guys, there is trouble because leadership is about managing the best hands and not being the best hand.

If Jonathan’s online campaign is in shambles blame the team who are using old strategies. You can’t be going about arresting young people in the digital space for referring service and blackmail them. Never! can’t fall for it. I advice whoever ordered this kind of arrest to desist from it. Rather wisdom demand that you entice best brains in that industry to work for you and not to intimidate them. If things continue this way, I am afraid that May 29th will be Sai Buhari! and I don’t want that to happen for the various reasons I have stated in my previous articles,#whyiwillnotvoteforbuhariandyoushouldnt

I cannot kill myself for any politician, I fear only God. I cannot die for any party and that’s why I refused to carry any party’s card. I say my mind all the time and I remain patriotic about this nation. All my International trips is after this election. Lots of my friends have traveled, out of fear of intimidation and fear of violence. I am going no where. This election will be peaceful, free and fair and the right person that will bring true and lasting Change will Win. I stand for Nigeria! God bless Nigeria, God bless you all. #sacrificeswemakefortheloveofnigeria



Stephen Akintayo

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  1. Wow!

    I just can’t believe what I just read. This is becoming rather crazy. Why should a leader be this myopic and desperate? The injustice is getting rather much for what I can bear any longer, all for the sake of being in power? Every Nigerian has the right to vote for whoever they want. You can not force on us what we do not want. Dr. Jonathan, tighten up your end instead of going about just picking people all over the place. #weStandWithGod for a #betterNigeria.

  2. well !! Mr stephen, you have just experienced Nigeria in its true form. sorry, you saw how they reason first hand. until we stop acting like the post of the President of Nigeria is a license to do whatever we like in the negative then this great country will not reach its potentials as the giant of Africa. A title we bestowed on ourselves without the needed developments and pacesetting agendas that will truely put in the place of the Giant of Africa. Electricity is not constant, no jobs, our currency is losing its value, no infrastructure, high cost of fuel price for a country that has abundance of it and worse of all corruption which has eaten deep into the fabric of our society. why pursue the innocent and the criminals are allowed to show off their loot? why why. God help Nigeria.

  3. Sorry Pastor for this embarrassing experience. Jonathan preached peace but his coward, clueless, spineless and brainless backroom staffs are oppressors and they will go to any length to harass, intimidate and suppress our conscience and freewill. I was an anti GEJ up till Monday but I have to reconsider my position based on the observed changes I saw in the last couple of years. I thought to myself that who knows if it will continue to get better and better. I was trying to isolate the corrupt practises all around his government from his person. But with you experience above, I guess I have to reconsider again from this very moment who deserve my support. I hope the two young men have been freed. I love this nation with a passion and I have to intention of leaving. I don’t even possess a passport to travel out not to talk of getting a visa. Not because I can’t afford to, but because I don’t need to. This election will come and go, Nigeria will remain. We will continue to pray for this nation now and long after the election.. God bless you pastor, God bless Nigeria.

    1. Abeg, Nigerians need to wake up and be very truthful with themselves. How can you absolve a man from all the evil going on around him. Can he be so silly to say the least to hang around such people. There is no way in heaven and earth that GEJ can be said to clean at all. Show me your friends… He has only mastered the art of deception and sadly many have fallen for it.

  4. This power drunkeness at its worst. Our govt is so full of itself and so agrad of losing tht it is willing to kill people or jail ayone campaigning against them but Gos is more than them. Change will come to our nation

  5. Oh now you are no longer pro Jonathan! Really?? After you have spoken for him and against buhari? See why we should be objective in our reasoning now sir!

  6. Just experienced one of many atrocites,scandal,institutionalised corruption using government institutions for personal gains and power.Really,we need a change in the leadership of the country to move forward

  7. I’m totally speechless here but I thank God I took that decision to open the bc earlier sent on bbm by Pst. Stephen. Hitherto, I’ve made up my mind that he is anti GMB and as such tagged as one of the MOGs that have been bought over by GEJ. This was after I read his #whyiwillnotvoteforbuhariandyoushouldnt . But today I’m proud of him. Only few men of honor like him could still publish such article after his recent ordeal in the hands of the GEJ dogs. I will tell the whole world on every social platform I know that I have found another MAN. God bless you.

  8. GEJ like I have said before is king Ahab and his wife is jezebel. They are both Illuminati. They have a global agenda they want to fulfill.Pastor am so sorry but uve witnessed it urself. I won’t be surprissed if they use someone else to beg u back & tell u its a mistake

  9. We have seen this drunkeness on both sides (PDP & APC). It is the result of absolute power. Sometimes its even as a result of the overzealousness of the messenger. But it still doesn’t change the fact that GEJ is better than GMB. Its just regretable the those military tendencies are still with us. Our democracy will grow up.

  10. we live in the country where there is no law and the little therein are not properly implemented. it is disappointing to note that those taking the lead even to the federal level do not know what is in the constitution. because i see no reason why a whole president (whether directly or indirectly) arrest an innocent neutral entrepreneur base on the reason that is baseless ” because there is no constitution backup for not running bulk messages either for or against on social network. i expect him to arrests the campaign team leader of the opposition party or instruct his men to be more proactive so that they wouldn’t be beaten hands-down by just viral sms. As for me this is the beginning of my continuous falling involve with digital marketing. FOR YOU TO BE AMONG THE LEAGUE OF SUCCESSFUL ONES, YOU MUST PASS THROUGH ALLEGATION. is a way of making your name and business go viral. keep it UP mr.stephen akintayo. twitter @faladeoladyo

  11. D funny thing about it is dt he still want to go ahead and canvass for Gej. Pause for a second, if Gej wins, what becomes of those arrested and detained illegally? Gej must go, not only to free this nation but d conscience of national pride.

  12. I’m so surprised you are still considering GEJ. Who says things will get better after this? This is executive impunity and it will get worse from here on. People keep shouting let’s vote for GEJ because he’s a christian and GMB is a muslim,please what’s christ-like in what he and his goons just did now?

  13. Sorry Mr Akintayo, now you have witness first-hand and know the TRUTH about GEJ and his administration. That’s why we must all passionately entreat the God of heaven, the God of justice, truth and righteousness, who ALONE RULES in the affairs of men to show Himself strong on behalf of millions who are at the receiving end of the present charade of a government. Coupled with that we must vote our consciences and stand to protect our votes. This same people will stop at nothing to capture a FRAUDULENT win in the coming election.

  14. Its really disappointing …..I use to know the sss as an upright intelligence. ..but it has been diluted …I belive God gave you an answer to your article which should have been iwillnotvoteforjonathan …imagine wat will happen once Jonathan win his re-election..that will be the worst days in Nigeria….so pastor change is all u need and all u need to spread …I am a business man…I cant charge my clients extra bcos i know they cant afford it..mean while my supplies and cost of production has increased by 50% due to the naira devaluation. ..should I start submiting my cv or wat…voting for this govt is nt justifyable…we need to show the Nigerian politicians that we have the power to change them…lets vote for Apc and if Apc messes me they will also be changed in 2019..we have to be proactive…the economy is almost dead…yet u say jonathan has the best interest of the youth at heart…did he create jobs or vocational institutions…isnt it obvious that God left Jonathan this year for his atrocities…

  15. It’s surprisingly strange to have such an incompetent president to rule over Nigeria. I mean, if intimidation and lawlessness is been displayed right from the top of our government, then it’s so unfortunate if we will still go ahead and retain such incompetence for another 4 years. Very well I’ve been a patriotic Nigerian with no attachment to any party as I’m not politically inclined. But as it stands… there’s a need for me to call a spade as spade here and it implies GEJ is out rightly not fit to lead his home talk less to lead a nation.

  16. Whosoever masterminded this shameful arrest MUST read this writeup and re-strategize because the game has stepped up, not by physical weapons again, the place and space to win or lose has radically changed. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.

  17. That’s so seroius! Some people actually believe they are above the law…but God will soon put them to shame. Thank God for your quick release and God bless those who sacrificed for your release.

  18. Hey, Jonathan’s sss should be ready to arrest ‘Nigeria’ if they think they can rig the coming election by intimidation because this country belongs to all of us

  19. This is really silly especially coming from the office of the Presidency. Everyone has a right to freedom.. Is he afraid he may lose? Thank God you were vindicated…Nigeria, will survive!

  20. are sure getting enough site views are pro GEJ yet they harrass you! Oh wait a minute you dont support anyone but they harras you. This is laughable.please provide more information and seek redress if this us true.schmuck!

  21. So so sorry about your experience. I’m sure if you never experienced this first hand, you may not have believed if someone told you all this injustices go on under GEJ watch. We erroneously dissociate GEJ personality from what people around him do. Many of us are deceived by the humble disposition and demeanor and the speech of GEJ. But the products of his government show otherwise. By their fruits, not their speech, you will know them. For me, it either my president is hypocritical, or he simply lacks the capacity to control his appointees. And that’s more dangerous, it means a vote for GEJ is a vote for several other hawks around him who have penchant for impunity.

  22. While you were writing Pro Jonathan I was actually wondering in my mind probably you had a personal relationship with him. Now you know better. Now you know what can transpire at the top. Please do your work diligently and the Lord grant you wisdom to do it. Your family needs you.

  23. my guy you don’t even have d slightest idea what goes on underground. this government is evil. I wish you have knowledge of some things

  24. You cannot fully understand the character and nature of any leadership until you encounter the instruments of State employed and the strategies and munitions deployed by those institutions and apparatuses of Government to advance and authenticate their ideas and programmes in the process of sustaining their leadership status and objectives. Any attempt to gag the Press and the freedom of expression in any manner devoid of national interest or state security is a desperation to muzzle the mass of people, the electorates and even an oppression against the Opposition. It is very unfortunate and real. If they were to be clandestine or more vicious, Akintayo could have lost his life without and proper investigation of the matter in the first instance. We should speak against these evils of state dictatorship and undemocratic culture in the contemporary society. We must reject every attempt to either suppress the truth, paralyse the Opposition or breach the rights and freedom of other citizens for no just cause or non-violation of the laws by non-commital of crime or apprehension of the innocent on grounds of unsustained evidence and lack of proof of intent to commit crime. We need CHANGE despite the level of TRANSFORMATION recorded. CHANGE only comes by self-realization of incompetency and areas of inadequacies with a view to redirect energy and focus for better opportunities or through a deliberate action on the part of the PEOPLE to choose a better leader with our VOTE come 28th March. We cannot continue to sustain leadership of this REPUBLIC through INTIMIDATION and FRAUD.

  25. Mr stephen, i feel 4 u and sry 4 d embarrassment n may God judge dem 4 wat dey dd too u…………i can rememeber coming 2 ur office 4 an interview and u were with frds, talking against buhari….am sure by now u av seen ow bad GEJ is,so desperate 4 power….so sry 1ce again may god restore ur pain wit more blessing…….pls vote 4 change….

  26. 4 days count down. D country needs an ample n copious transformation through practical effort of unrelenting change. I pledge to vote change, not for today but tomorrow. Atrocities of d past cannot be withdrawn, a inviolable power is guaranteed to make a better of today and tomorrow. Ethnicity differences cannot proffer a lasting solution. Religious barriers have no iota of solution to the problem @ hand. A conscience of doing the right time is the inevitable of d lasting solution. I am not a partisan but if I stand in akimbo, I don’t make a sacrifice for tomorrow. God Almighty let your unchangeable Will be done for this forthcoming election.

  27. This is more than serious. I almost had a quarrel with Pastor Stephen for the way he took the GEJ support thing. Glad now that he’s more opened to who he’s been canvassing for.

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