How I Met Harvard University Ex Staff with Harvard MBA but stock With Uber Job after 25Years of working for Harvard.

How I Met Harvard University Ex-Staff with Harvard MBA but stock With Uber Job after 25Years of working for Harvard.

This is the story of Why 95% of World Population Remain Poor and How to Change Your Own Narative.

It was a beautiful Morning in the City of Jebba, Kwara State or you can call it Village. I was going to resume 3rd year of My High School the next day. The Night before we had gone to meet the woman selling Gari,( Cassava Flour) Sugar, Milk, Milo and Cornflakes to get Garri , Kuli Kuli(Groundnut Candi😀) on Credit. She lamented about her previousbalance. My hard working mum who is paying Bill’s for 5 children appealed to her to wait till month end. This beautiful morning is going to be tougher as we are about to go and meet My Mother’s junior in the same department at work to borrow part of my tuition fee. I hated those days but My mother will appeal to Me that, If only I finish school and obtain a University Degree which she didn’t obtain which she believes

Me @Harvard University

was responsible for her delay promotion. My Son, You will he great and forget all these experiences. Just finish school with High colours and get a Good Job, she often says. Little did I know that I will end Up spending 8years in the University and after I graduated. NO JOB WILL BE WAITING FOR ME BECAUSE TIME AND SEASON WOULD HAVE CHANGED.

There was a time in My life, where our family was The definition of Poverty in the estate I grewup. The funny thing is that the above story was the richest season of My mother entire careersince I was Born yet she had to borrow My tuition fees. You can imagine what the previous years were like. Today, I and My wife work daily to give our children a better narrative but what are the steps and why where We Poor. Why was my Mother the most hard working person in the government work but yet Poor? She leaves home at 5:30/6am and returns at 6 pm. hardly ever late to work but we were Poor still. WHY?


Number One, My Mother had just one major source of income. And 95% of the world population has just one source of income and it is called A JOB. The mystery here is that the Lowest paying source of income from the four types of Income in the world is A Job. The other 3 are Self Employment, Owning a Business that can run without you and Being an Investor. The first two is what 95% of the people in the world do and thats why only 5% of the money in the world is shared amongst these two types of income.



Secondly, Fear of Investing in Learning about Multiple Sources of Income. I remember a student of mine in New York who turned 400usd to over 10,000usd from Mini Importation Business shared how everyone around her told her how foolish she believed in spending 500usd to come and learn about other sources of income from Me. Even her husband discourages her and refuses to join her for the training because we had couples discount. That is the kind of opposition you face when you are trying to break the status quo. My only Question is this?


How much have you spent in your entire life in formal Education? From age 1 to age 25 or 35 or 45 or 65. Some have spent 30,000usd some 50,000usd and some 100,000usd. For people like Me who didnt get Job after 8year with my first degree, How come we never held our school or professors accountable for spending that much time and money for the sakeof getting a good job but never got any. Why are we not afraid to try again second degree; master or third Degree of obtaining PHD with the hope of positioning us for getting A Job or better Job even though we are aware that many PHD holders don’t have a Job Nowadays also you must have read of those applying to be Truck Drivers even with PHD?


A few Weeks ago I visited Harvard for a course. The Title of this article is abouta wonderful Uber driver that picked me up from Orientation Class. This woman had worked with Harvard for 25years and upon retiring; shehad to still pick up an Uber job to sustain herself. This Woman obtains MBA from same Harvard University. The question is, how much was she earning that she couldnt have retired without having to work again? To do your MBA with Harvard University for 2year, it will cost you about 115,000usd and there is no guaranteed of being able to retire after 25years without needed to do any other job.

Another sincere question to you is this;

Is trying multiple streams of income and failing not better than not trying at all?

Aside from the money spent on formal education without guarantees of getting a good job and making a decent leaving, you also have the time factor. Some of those enjoying formal education now are people like me who have to build great businesses and are back to school to learn how to manage these businesses. Why are we doing that? We can afford to do so! Being in the office or not has no direct impact on our paychecks. You can then studies to develop your mind better and not for money.

Well, I have some solutions if you care to risk it;


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