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How far are you willing to go?

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To own a car in this part of the world is no easy feat. With the harsh economic situation, people can merely fend for themselves, not to talk of owning a major source of transportation. Whether you’re a lover of cars or just a regular user of them, cars are indeed a beauty to behold. Do you know that it takes approximately six months to make the world’s most luxurious car? Yes! While it is possible to make a Toyota Camry car in less than 13 hours, it will take about six months to make a Rolls Royce.

Toyota officials, in one of their interviews, mentioned that they make about 3,360,000 cars in a year which is approximately 13,800 cars a day. The big question here is, why does it take this long to make a Rolls Royce? According to research, a Rolls Royce is handcrafted from start to finish by various designers and technicians. Usually, the owner is allowed to handpick some materials that suit his taste.

You may wonder what these statistics are headed towards. It’s simple, anything in life that is of great worth takes a longer time to build. Although both the Toyota and Rolls Royce are cars and perform their basic duty of transportation, however, their worth cannot be compared. Take for instance two women who pass by the street, the one you turn to take a second glance at most likely took more painstaking effort to take care of herself.

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The same goes for anything in life. If you rush to build wealth, you may fail to sustain it. Finally, in life, you have a choice to either choose to follow the hard-earned success which will, in turn, last forever or chooses the Toyota way which will only last a few years. The choice is yours!

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