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Like the name suggests, high achievers are mountain movers. They make the unimaginable feasible. They would rather fail trying than not trying at all. They choose to face the storm with all that is within them in order to drive in success and take their family or organisation to the next level. They are driven by vision and motivated by challenges. I’m sure that you must have been part of a team where an individual or a set of people love to take the forefront when it comes to tasks. These people are, most likely, the high achievers of your team.

Their utmost priority is self-discipline. “Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not,” Elbert Hubbard, one of the most prolific writers in American history once said. 

It is impossible to walk in this feat without possessing this attribute. This aids focus and delays present gratification for better and future results. They work strictly with deadlines and appointments.

In addition, high achievers avoid excuses. I usually say that “You have not failed until you find someone else to blame for your failure.” I recall how one of my former staff gave an excuse I consider silly; the reason for her coming late to work was her children. She mentioned that she had to bath, cook and take them to school before heading for work coupled with the traffic she had to face. She didn’t last long with me because she had a pattern of excuses. Brain Tracy in his book, ‘No More Excuses’ reinstated that a true leader (high flier) never gives excuses.


Moreso, they are indelible action takers. It is one thing to plan, it is another to actually do. Usually, many people plan but do not pass that phase. The only way to guarantee true success is writing down a plan and following it strictly irrespective of the challenges. John F. Kennedy observed and said that, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” High achievers do not start planning when the rain has begun, rather, they take a look at the weather forecast and take their umbrella along. So when others are running, the umbrella shields you confidently. 


High achievers know how to delegate. My younger brother once complained of having too much on his plate at work. He complained of not having time for anything else; relationships, exercise, good eating diet, good sleep, etc. I figured it was because he didn’t know how to delegate. Delegating doesn’t moot laziness or lack of responsibility, rather, it shows you have the leadership trait that gets people to get the job done. Delegating will also help you go on to greater heights. 

In conclusion, Rome wasn’t built in a day, likewise, high achievers go through a process to become what they are.  Take these attributes as aforementioned and make it yours. Reach for the skies!

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