Gtext Group Vendors List

We are Building Vendors List for Gtext Group for various projects we always Contract Out. Gtext Group is a group of companies with Real Estate Subsidiary, Digital Marketing , Agriculture etc. We always Need various products and services supplied by Vendors/Contractors.

It is often said; YOU don’t grow big to manage well, you manage well to

grow big. We are PROFILING Vendors so as to be able to have an effective system and be able to partner with more than one vendors on different categories so as to enhance efficiency . Below are

list you can apply for;

1) Learning Furniture and Fittings

2) Office set-up, internet and Infrastructure

3) Horticulture

4) Drainage and Construction Equipment Contractors

5) Architect

6) Industrial Printing Company

7) Building Contractors.

8) ELECTRONIC gadgets supplier

9) Mechanise Farming Equipment and Consultants

10) Security Equipment supplier

11) Interior Decoration Expert and equipment suppliers

12) Electrical and electrification contractor

13) Signage Makers

14) Car Dealer

15) Surveyor.

16) 25KVA and above Generator leasing company.

17) Human Resources, Leadership and Productivity Consultant.

18) Agriculture Farm and Estate Consultant.

19) Sharp Sand Suppliers.

20) Cement Suppliers.

21) Air Condition Suppliers.

22) Office Fan Suppliers.

23) Printing Equipment.

24) Gate Suppliers.

25) Office Phone Technicians

26) Office Upholstery

If your Services or Product is not listed here, please still email your profile to us as we need everyone whose solution is needed by our company including toothbrushes suppliers .

Few Simple Steps apply;

1. You Must have a competitive price as this is one of the factors that

determine who gets the contract per time.

2. Any Company or Individual applying must have minimum of 5 years experience and proof of that.

3. Must have the equipment to executive their job.

4. Must be open to flexible payment arrangement.

All applicants will be invited for orientation once we have project in the area you apply for we will email all who have been profile and interview the best 4 proposals and choose one for the job.

This are some of the new structure we are putting in place going forward. Send the following;

1) Photo copy of your CAC Certificate and your proof of license

2) Company profile

3) Proof of address

4)3 Guarantors letter

5) The type of contract you are available for to

Office Address; Gtext Hub, 3rd Floor 51/52 Ijaiye Road, Ogba Bus Stop, Lagos. Call: 08188111999.

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