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Funke Akindele Parlor Party

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Funke Akindele

So, Funke Akindele had a parlour party! She had staff living in her mansion because of the locked down.

A celebrity visited her in her house! Also, some neighbours on her street attended the party; a total of fewer than 50 people including 20 who live at her mansion.

The Party was in her house! If that deserves arrest, then hear this well! Between freedom to honour my spouse in our parlour and me arrested or keeping a quiet mood on my spouse birthday, I will choose to celebrate my spouse and be arrested!

How many arrests have you seen in the US with more than 330,000 people and still counting with COVID-19? How many? Celebrity or none celebrity? Nigeria case is 235 and projected to reach 50,000 worst cases, the US we projected to hit over 1Million and 100,000 death worst case.

Why must we always treat ourselves as animals and guess what? Nigerian loved to be treated like animals as long as you tell them it’s in their interest! You are poor, hungry, starving and what bothers you is to rant on someone for parlour party? Is that our real problem now?

Stay locked up until hunger finish you! We are all watching how the clueless government will save us all from a weak economy, a hunger which has the potential to kill more people than coronavirus can kill in the entire world.

With the lockdown, the numbers keep climbing Nigerians! Instead of producing solutions like 1billion naira released to figure out the right combinations of chloroquine to use to cure the disease or figure out effective food distribution systems, how farms can keep working so we are not behind.

After COVID-19, food sufficiency will become a real issue as no country will bail anyone out if we run out of food.

Nigerian will rather rant over parlour party! It’s a shame! Like citizens like leaders! Shame! Citizens that refuse to think will have leaders that don’t think. Fine her if you want! But keeping her in a cell when she has two babies to take care of is not right!

She did this in her house and not even in front of her house. Inside her house. Can we stop being petty!

Go check Florida; how many are breaking social distancing rules and check their social media if that’s the conversation?

They are talking about test kits, economy, health care. Nigerians are talking parlour party!

Shame!!!!!!!!!!! It’s upsetting how we think!


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