Dr Paul Enenche replies Critics of The Glory Dome 100,000 Seat Auditorium

Dr Paul Enenche replies Critics of The Glory Dome 100,000 Seat Auditorium. I believe that Nigeria needs more churches. What we need from our religious leaders is not that they stop expanding because Nigeria has not collapsed totally because of these leaders. What we need is for them to translate the revival into social transformation. Building strong apprenticeship support and political mentorship in the church is urgently needed. Pastors need to stop playing neutrality. We can all see that the failure of political leaders and the poor economy is blame on pastors even when it’s not a direct calling. Let church members who have bigger Enterprise be Encouraged to practically mentor the smaller ones. Let members contesting irrespective of parties be acknowledged! Revival and social transformation go together. Genesis chapter 1 and 2, God gave Adam a social project called Garden of Eden to work on daytime and by evening he had interaction with his spirituality. Samuel was the Priest and King Maker in Israel. The people demanded that he give them a King, he was a check on Saul. When Saul was rejected same Samuel was responsible for getting his replacement. A new king was anointed. Faith and Politics are cousins.https://youtu.be/oAjDIrBn8Ec
Pastor’s have great influence on their members and can make this revival lead to the social transformation Nigeria Needs. We need faith else the crime rate and war will increase. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. If not for faith how can you have over 60Million Unemployed and Nigeria is not have a 100% Warzone? Faith has saved this nation and will save her but Pastors have to do more to identify with Entrepreneurship and Politics than we are currently doing. A pastor once shared with Me how his colleague in the US ask; How many businesses do you have, he said none; his friend smiled and said I have 18 businesses. He said that got him thinking! This is a call to higher responsibility which is a call to translate the Revival to Social Transformation. My Bishop often says; Every Revival without social transformation is a waste of time. @thesamadeyemi and @pastorpoju are a perfect example of how ministries can Influence politice&Entrepreneurship. @stephenakintayo



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