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Books Do Have a Story

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Every living thing on earth has its birth date, likewise every non-living thing its inception. Books are not an exception. Whether you have wondered or not when books became a thing of regularity, this piece will seek to inform you about how books were born, their history and growth and finally, look at their possible future.

At around 1550 BCE to 50 BCE, humans saw the need for penning down events and memories. The brain, as good as it is, is limited in its capabilities. People do tend to forget information after a period of time especially when in the short term memory. Hence, Egypt, a major world power at this time, began to use papyrus plants to write. It was in the form of scrolls which served as the major tool for record-keeping before the Romans around the 1st century AD.came up with the codex. The codex was similar but more advanced than that of the scroll. It had indexes and the table of contents and was very easy to carry. 

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Furthermore, one of the natural resources that served as a tool was the clay in Mesopotamia, Iraq. Clay was used to creating cuneiform tablets which are somehow similar to the back covers of books today. This evolution paved a way for more advancement in the kingdom of books. Even the Chinese, around 868 AD began using gunpowder and paper which in turn holds one of the most famous and historical books — the diamond sutra.

Today, technology has made books one of the most durable objects. Unlike the heavy tablets and stones, we now have the ebooks and audiobooks that we can access anywhere and anytime. To be honest, with these kinds of massive improvements, we may never know if we find out tomorrow that we can inject books into our brain without reading them or listening to them. Whichever way, I hope this brief piece has succoured your knowledge of how books evolved. To this end, I urge that we make books our friend and ensure we are part of the next move the world of books may make.

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