~ By Stephen Akintayo:


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If you have a vision and you don't discuss it with your friends when you meet, then there's something wrong with your network.

stephen akintayo

Dr Stephen Akintayo

All billionaires have something in common. 


Habits are the determinants of where you are and will be.

I remember when I was growing up and we were poor, I didn't think beyond my immediate environment. There was even a time I didn't see electricity for many years and all of these made me think and see things in a different way.

What was the result? Poor habits.

What saved me was my exposure to knowledge. I learnt how to think beyond my environment and that habit is one of the factors responsible for my progress up till now.

When you learn how certain people think, you start exhibiting the attitudes that are responsible for their progress.

This book is loaded with habits of Billionaires. If you read closely, you will discover these habits among all the Billionaires you know, both in your home country and outside of it.

I have been poor and now I'm wealthy and I know what things have changed about me in the course of my journey up here.

Your habits are important. Learn what habits will take you farther than you think from this book.

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Normally $297 - Today Only $47

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