Beauty , Brain and Character; Wedding Anniversary Memoir by Stephen Akintayo

Beauty , Brain and Character; Wedding Anniversary Memoir


Stephen Akintayo

Wedding Anniversary

Today is Our Wedding Anniversary! Wow! We have seen a lot together in these short years. No one saw what My wife saw in Me and she has proven everyone wrong. The Day I went to see her Dad to ask for her hand in marriage. The reply I got was that I was not responsible enough to take care of his dear Daughter. She was his favourite and had to hand her over to a guy whose so called Business cannot even afford him a Car after 4years? I didn’t have a Car. I was slimmer 😀 than this, there was no sign that anything Good can come out of My Nazareth. Even If I was her father too, I wouldn’t have allowed My wife marry Me. Because there was nothing financially speaking. Nothing! But My wife fought everyone to Marry Me and She lost almost Everyone. Today she is the Pride of her family. In life, you have to fight for what you believe so dear. You have to fight for your inheritance. People loose out in life because they think everything will come easy. Fight for the Man you believe is your husband. I have had to fight for everything I have today but the fighting always make me appreciate what I have. A day to our Wedding, I went to our family house and told all My siblings, It is not compulsory you come for My wedding. I am the one who want to marry her and not you. I have decided to marry this lady. I promise you I will face the consequences and Never come complain to anyone of you what I find in this marriage but I will marry this one. My siblings today are proud of our union and always say; Now we saw why you both fought for each other. I want you all to help me thank My wife. She is a Miracle to Me and our 3Children.

When My Mum Died, I was dating my wife then, I remember feeling I could never have someone like My Mum Again in Life. Because My mother’s love was unconditional and long suffering. She will stand by Me no matter the mess I created But God gave Me a wife whose love is 10X My Mothers love. She is the embodiment of what a Virtues Woman must have; Beauty, Brain, Character; The BBC of a Virtues Woman. I love you Babe and thank you for being you. I Am not perfect but you have made this union work babe!

Often Women tell Me how My wife is lucky to have A Man like Me, I agree I Am a great Man😀, If I were to have My way, I probably would have married Me but I often laugh again and again when Women say that because I Am the lucky one. When My wife said Yes. I was a student with Intelligent Vision and no Television. I even ate her Dinner and didn’t have money to take Okada home. When My Mum died My final year on Campus. My Fiancee now My Wife Fed Me for almost 1year. Yet I said plenty grammar of how the future will be bright and she was foolish enough to go against her father’s perfect will and say this is the guy I want to marry; Him or nothing else. I use to sell Pop Corn in public space, she will join me sell. I use to sell DVD, she will knock on hostel rooms to help me sell the DVD. She risk it all! It is like God is no longer creating Women like My wife these days😀😀😀. She is beautiful inside out. A lot I feel like saying but cannot say because of privacy . But God did it for us. God you are worthy to be praise! Life just made My Wife harvest what she sowed period. She is not lucky she is a reaper of her seed!God cannot lift a man higher than the character of his wife. Women, watch it! Your husband success and flourishing is in your hands. He cannot go farther than you allow Him through your character. Stop complaining and start chanting his name and tell him the greatness you see in Him and He will rise from ashes. Speak what you want to see in your Husband. Men Love your Wife; Good,bad and ugly. Women, Honor your husband, Good , Bad and Ugly! Sing his praises ladies. I pray for every stormy home, Peace in Jesus name. Your marriage will be enjoyed and not endured in Jesus name. Many women brought their husband down with poor character.

Jesus! Thank you for keeping us safe! Thank you for this unique woman. Thank you for honouring Me with a virtues woman. I am grateful lord. Thank you Jesus! Hope I didn’t share too much babe! Guys that’s all for now about My Wife. Happy anniversary to us babe!



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