Friend, confidant, helpmate, lover……all rolled into a magnificent soul….

You are to be your Hubby’s go to, his peaceful place in an uncertain
world, you are to be his calm in a turbulent time….he should be able to thank God for having you in his life every morning……

He should be able to come to you his wife, at anytime with anything that
is bothering him, being certain that all will be well…..after God, my
dear it should be you…..his mate, the rib taken from his side and given
back to him when he became a man…

Your hubby should be on cloud nine when it’s time to go home to you, the
thoughts of you should have him cracking a cheesy smile….you should be
the center of his world…

Unless of course, you are the dragon lady, that wants to compete with him
as the head of the household…..before he says 2 words, you’ve said
10…..mighty ighor, before your hubby turns around, you’ve slapped or
hit….better calm your ass down and know your place…..before you beat
and chase him into the arms of another..

If you are blessed with a good man, but your mind is clouded with
immaturity…..snap the hell out of it and realized the blessings that you
were given…..he loves you does not mean he will continue to accept your
abuse….one day, he will wake up and see that he as a good man deserves
better…..and he will do better…

A good hubby is a gift from God……if you have one realize and
appreciate what you’ve got!


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  1. majority of these ladies/women refuses to accept their faults in chasing men to the arms of ready women outside. If you have marriage issues,you should check your attitude first .

  2. I agree with your write up, many would choose to turn d table around and argue that a man should act decent n faithful plus be a one man woman. Not been an infidel.

    Many female would say, a good man his hard to come by dis days. Hence, asking demselves the question ” is it worthwhile been a good wife”

    Well as far as am concerned, patience is a virtue.

  3. Awesome piece. Inspirational message. Thanks for the advice author, earth will be a better place of our ladies take to the advice.

  4. Nice one dear. This is insightful. A piece for every woman or lady. Many have even sold their husbands freely to another women unconsciously and unknowingly cos of lack of their uncontrolled bad traits….. thanks for this…. thumb up…

  5. ‘Obinrin so iwa nu, oni oun ko lori oko’ (a woman considers herself unlucky to find a man without knowing she lacks the character to keep one). Some women just think God has given them a dummy for husband, they misuse His gifts and then start shedding crocodile tears when he’s appreciated by anoda woman. ‘hmmm…’

  6. Your message..Nyce1…
    appreciate ur man,be his bestie
    be humble,be ready 2 serve…cos if u ar not ready 2 serve ur man,u arn’t ready 4 marriage,be urself and try 2 over look somtins n respect ur MAN.

  7. Girls of nowadays are now smtin else…. bt its good for them to knw d real meaning of being a wife and a good one at that….

  8. Ladies i want to bliv something slmust chabge in you after reading this. This is indeed and life changing article. Lets be a wife material with an unlimited yard and not jes a wife.

  9. All well said…. Both parties should always learn to tolerate and compliment eachother…always admit ur faults too…… Nice write up ??

  10. He who has d ear should listen. He who read this should count his/her self lucky. Pls lets share this and safe a home today. #ishared

  11. He who have the ear should listen, who ever read this should count himself or herself lucky. Pla lets share this to safe a home #iShared

  12. I was captivated by the title of this article wen i git it on fb. Well. After reading it gere i get to know its d perfect tittle for it. #BE A WIFE AND NOT A THREAT.

  13. I was captivated by the tittle of this article when i got it on FB and after reading i realize is the perfect tittle for it. Kudos to the writer

  14. Love your spouse as ur sef. Be careful of ur words and always avoid locking in to argument. Remember marriage is a life time contract.

  15. This are some of the reasons, guys prefer to spend their tym in night club. And go home to sleep. Just because some wives are lioness in human body

  16. Initially when I startedreading I thought I was wasting my time but afterward, I realize is a must read for every living soul. Keep it up writer.

  17. Wow! You wrote the mind of many ladies in such relationship but finding it real hard to come ou. Well i thinks this will help them alot. Thamks writter

  18. Its always fascinating reading ur post. D storyline and the message is even more touching dan some of d sermons i hear on sundays.