Awesome Connecting with @comedyjedi in #Dallas

Awesome Connecting with @comedyjedi in #Dallas during @feladurotoye Dallas connect and #Houston for private meeting after 14 Years. My church @winnerschapel Agoiwoye Hosted him in 2004 and I remember a young man called baba Bee who is the most natural comedian I have ever met. We discuss about how time and chance happened to people just like the case of baba Bee. A man of great talent but not into comedy business today. Life is about the choices you make and not the talents you have. Life is about what you Do and not what you plan to Do. @comedyjedi move to Lagos, himself and the likes of @ayliveshows had to stay in @alibabagcfr boys quarters just to grow their comedy skills and today @comedyjedi is a global brand along side his brothers who paid the price to see their dream fulfilled. Many people talk about successful people being lucky without asking for the story behind the glory. @alibabagcfr once shared how he used to anchor cooperate event for FREE. Everyone now want to charge like @alibabagcfr failing to realize that he moved from FREE to FEE. Nothing great start Great, it all has a small beginning you must endure and enjoy before growing to greatness.

Start paying your price now of you are really serious about becoming successful in your chosen profession. It’s not going to be easy but your life will end up being easier if you pay the price NOW. Pay the price NOW my friend and I can’t wait to here your testimony. Do what is hard today so that your life can be easy tomorrow or do what is easy today so that your life can be hard tomorrow. The choice is yours!

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