Stephen Akintayo

stephen akintayo

Unscathed Branding

Have you ever been to a place once and the memory of that place gives you delight? This is what branding does to people. A

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The Wise Mentee

Leke graduated from the university with so much positive energy. He set out to bring his dream to life. He realised within a short period

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Books Do Have a Story

Every living thing on earth has its birth date, likewise every non-living thing its inception. Books are not an exception. Whether you have wondered or

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The Pen has life

Books hold power and power lives in books. The synergy of both, over time, have proven to be of great influence to humanity. I have

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The popular saying that “readers are leaders” will always remain valid. This goes to show that there are life’s mysteries hidden in the pages of

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Group of writers

The Freelance Writer

Writer’s are wonderful people! For each day that passes, people seek to take in content, news, entertainment, or something that just gives them the drive

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Are You Known?

The story of Thomas Edison is one that still baffles me till date. And although it may sound cliche, we cannot eschew from it. How

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