What Archbishop Idahosa says about Bishop Oyedepo in 1987 and My footnote

When people cannot explain your rise, they attack it.

When it does not conform to the parameters they thought were the requirements for fruitfulness and influence they speak against it.

God does not need any man’s permission to promote those He has chosen. It is called election by grace. Even Jesus’s rise was attributed by the Pharisees to the prince of devils.

When growing up I watched many I thought will lead/be ahead of me fall by the way side.

Authority in the kingdom is never transferred on the platter of knowledge but humility. Influence is given to those whom God knows have the welfare of others at heart.

In 1987, when no one had anything,

I heard the Arch Bishop Idahosa say this of Bishop Oyedepo; Many came to show me what they knew, others came to see what they could get from me but Oyedepo came to serve, watch it, he will be the greatest of them all.

Today are those words spoken 30 years ago real before our eyes?

I had a chat with one of My protege who explained her frustration about protege I have mentored and how she felt they use my platform by coming to learn and run away. My answer is simple; I have learnt from those ahead of me and discover that it was normal for people to come to use you but those who will be the greatest are those who continuously use you and serve you at the same time. If the two go hand in hand, you will flourish.

Many want a mentor but have nothing to offer but to exploit the person teaching and move on. As a Mentor, that’s normal. Never be angry else you will run dry. But some will come and serve and the rewarder of men (God) will lift such people up beyond their widest imagination. There is a degree of stupidity(Humility) needed to be great.

Here are a few lessons I have learnt:

If you refuse to speak evil of a person privately or publicly the state of your life will dramatically improve.

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