10 May

10th Year Anniversary Bonus: 80% DISCOUNT On One-on-One Coaching With Stephen Akintayo

Hello there!!

I’m happy to inform you about our 10th Year Anniversary Season… I’ll tell you more about it soon. I have an 80% DISCOUNT  available for you. Its an opportunity that doesn’t come everyday!!!

Many people have been desiring to have a one-on-one coaching session with me but I am making it easy this season. Since it’s our 10th Year Anniversary @ Stephen Akintayo Consulting / Gtext Global, you can enjoy *80% DISCOUNT* to get coaching on 12 Profitable Businesses you can start anywhere in the world and Get Rich. So, don’t be left out of this Amazing offer!!!💃💃🏼_

Offer is *NOW 79,999 Naira (220USD )* Only today. *INSTEAD OF N1,050,000.* 

The offer however Increases by 10,000Naira(30USD) daily.

On the site the price is still *3000USD*  visit www.stephenakintayo.com/telegramcoaching

I am Stephen Akintayo, *_Africa’s Most Sought After Personal Finance Coach._* I have personally *mentored over 200 people* on this business model and their finances rose to *over 500k to 1million monthly some are doing even far better than that.*🤑🤑

I and my team are ready to offer *you … _Yes YOU!!!_* This amazing opportunity to become Millionaires like us, in *less than 90 Days!*🤝

Internet Business is the *only viable means of instant employment and multiple stream of Income source* Why???_ because you can access a global market. Your customers come from all over the world.

We already have students earning millions in naira and thousands in dollars from these 12 profitable businesses.

*You are advised to pick just one and start today.*

It’s a *ONE MONTH MENTORSHIP* that will turn your finances around in 360 degrees.

We’ve got proofs and we want to help you build _new and sustainable multiple streams of income_

_From this mentorship, you’ll gain all these:

1. Start any of this  businesses with little capital

2. Generate a new source of income that you can grow into millions within a short time.

3. Discover secret websites every millionaire in this businesses use *(Big secret from mentorship)*

4. Learn how to sell the products or Offer the services to global market such that your customers will beg you to do business with you

5. Be able to create your own niche and build your customer base quickly.

6. Get access to a few hot-selling products that are called green niche products and how you can identify them in the market place.

7. Software’s that can service more customers in record time.

8. Access to how you can run Facebook Ads to sell your products and turn them into an automated money machine.

9. Access to books and software’s worth 10,000USD.

10. How to create your online product in 48hours using PLR or Software reseller rights. E.g. Mobimatic; a software our partner makes over 1million from… His name is Dr Ope Banwo; Google him.

11. One simple strategy I used in selling my products and services on a prepaid format. Where I get my money before offering a service or sending product.  *(Most Potent Business secret)*

12. How to receive and make Payments in USD without leaving your country.

13. How to send products and services to your customers anywhere in the world without leaving your home.

*Dont forget; Offer is now 79,999 Naira (220usd) today only. INSTEAD OF N1,050,000. The offer then Increase by 10,000Naira (30usd) daily.*

*What Businesses;*

1. Blogging and Information Marketing

2. Video Monetization

3. Affiliate Marketing and Multi-level Marketing

4. Cryptocurrency

5. Real Estate

6. Mobile Marketing (Short Code / Bulk SMS)

7. Digital Marketing (Advanced Digital Marketing)

8. E-Commerce, Mini-Importation and Drop-Shipping

9. Domain Hosting / Flipping and Reselling

10. Freelancing

11. Software Vendin

12. Raising Capital and Business Structure

*_The rewards are too much for you to ignore the Mentorship Program…_* Only for those who register today!!!_

Offer is *79,999* Naira *(220usd)* Only today, Not N1,050,000. *Offer shoots up by 10,000Naira(30usd) daily.*

So if you desire to set up your own Business in any of the above and do business like a pro… These 12 Businesses  are very profitable legit source of income and *guarantees 300% – 500% ROI*

Pay into Gtbank 0050464651, Gileadbalm Enterprise.

*This offer is for today*

*_Send a mail to info@gtextglobal.com after making payment_* or *_WhatsApp 08188220077_*

_All our trainings are strictly online. You will be added to the online group on WhatsApp for the coaching._

Empower yourself today .💪🤝


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