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If I was The President of Nigeria, here is what I will do now to fight the Corona Virus!

1)I will partner with private donors and buy 5 million test kits. Those remaining kits after the coronavirus passes will be kept for other times. Over preparation is better than no preparation.

2) Create 4 molecular labs in Lagos, 2 in Abuja, PortHarcourt, Ibadan, and Kano.
Other states will have one each, hence, the test results can come out faster instead of the current 6 days.

3) I will create two drive-through test centers in each state of the federation.

4) I will create 5000 isolation centers in Lagos using all EFCC sized houses by passing a new infectious disease law that empowers me to do this!
Also, 3000 in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan and 1000 in each state of Nigeria.
Total of 50,000 Isolation centers across the country. Ibadan is in the least of those having more than others because there is evidence of community spread in Ibadan already.

5) I Will Engage pharmaceutical companies to produce fumigation materials for the entire country and fumigate all public places for at least 2 weeks. I also will insist that all companies and religious houses do the same.

6) I will engage Innoson and other car plants to start producing ventilators with a request for 20,000 in the next 3 weeks.

7) I will convene an E-Meeting with all large farms in the country to see how we can support them to stay healthy and quadruple their productions as small scale farmers may be hit and not be able to farm like before and hunger can potentially kill more people than Corona Virus. I will never allow that to happen.

8) I will ask CBN to partner with state ministries of agriculture to buy perishable goods and create storage and preservation centers.

9) I will partner with all local governments to open 800 markets in all the LGA in Nigeria mainly on large schools or stadiums because of the need to observe social distancing.

10) I will brief Nigerians daily using Facebook live and take questions daily on what we are doing and challenges citizens are facing.

11) I will release 1 Trillion Naira stimulus package to pay companies so they can pay their staff and also release funds for SMEs.
Also, disburse 30,000 Naira to all unemployed graduates.

If you agree with all these 11 points share this post till it gets to Mr. President or those who can take action

Feel free to connect with me on social media for part 2 and other positive updates this season!

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I am Stephen Akintayo and I endorse this message!

Kindly share your opinions with other SA Eagles in the comment section below.

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