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10 Ways To Stay Self Motivated

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Self motivation

Motivation should be what everyone needs to keep them woke in their daily life, we humans have different problems to battle with that could De-Motivate us like bills to pay, relationship issues and business or career.

But irrespective of how negative all these could we need to keep our heads up, seek a positive way to make things change for you.


One of the ways to motivate yourself is by creating a plan. when you have a plan set aside, it starts with planning what you want to achieve in a day, in weeks time, three months, six months and a year.

 With time you get used to making better preparation for things and understand that there are always not always smooth sailing at some point.


 Every time you wake up in the morning, how as been that feeling of your vision for you? Do you see your self with the leaders of the country someday?

Do you see your self as someone who will provide a great solution that would change your country and the whole world?

Each time you take your bath always have all these questions and provide an adequate solution to them. 

Your vision is like an artificial dream, the moment you believe in them. Your thinking change henceforth.


In other to stay self-motivated, having a great network will definitely help you.

A great network doesn’t necessarily mean friend and family alone, you can also decide to a have mentor who could speak to you, and while watching closely their actions and inactions you can grab a positive impact from them.

Colleagues at work can be of help to keep you motivated even at a point of resigning from a job or any other matters arising.


We as humans sometimes tend not to see anything to be grateful for, in most cases when we’ve been trying to reach a certain goal.

It’s necessary to be grateful when someone offers us a little thing when we demand more from them, appreciate everyone around you and keep the energy going. 


You need to inculcate the habit of worry less and ease your brain of overthinking, free your mind always before going to bed.

There’s so much to think about and there is so much to worry less about, cause at the end of it everything which we worry about isn’t worth it. 


We’ve had a lot of time when things go wrong for us, and we get stuck on the negative part of it, thinking if it could be possible again.

What some of us don’t know is that words have a creative force, so whatever we speak will surely happen. 

You can chose to write them down and hang it on your calendar or your refrigerator and read them aloud.


Another way to stay self-motivated is for you not to be afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes are prone to happen, at every level of our life but what how we handle them and make corrections, learning over again builds us more. We should never be afraid to make mistakes and move on. 


Surround yourself with positive messages and good information, fill your mind with inspirational thought by reading books, listening to podcasts, Tv or radio programs from other motivational leaders.

With that, it tends to change your mindset and see things from the positive side.


In this new where there’s a lot of distraction on social media and in real life, it takes a hundred percent of you to stay focused.

And this as being a problem of most youth trying to figure out a way on their own without being influenced by what their community is pushing to them. 

 Determination, discipline, and direction would help you eliminate those distractions that derail us from success.


Yes, count and celebrate your achievements. When you feel down and it seems everyone as left you alone in your journey of success.

Take a break and sit back scrolling on those Facebook memories of your graduation pictures, take a look at those awards, those certificates that you’ve earned in past. 

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